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Imperfections ARE art. Make it your own. Do what you love, no matter what anyone says.


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AdamWhelanMusic's News

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 22nd, 2010

Haha These photos are ridiculous! It's fashion & art at it's cheekiest! Check out some other crazy pictures! Who thought Mannequin art could be this amusing hea hea :D


Mannequin Art!

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 18th, 2010

Tis Jellywater & I. I was about to steal his soul when he noticed and jumped out of the way. So close!

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--Madam Edea

Hea Hea

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 14th, 2010

Perfect! My friends & I put this beast of a snowcat together. Well, i only rolled up one ball, but i had the most important job of all! Supervisor ... and telling them what to do like a bossy asshole. K-hole & Ladystardust are talented snow makers lol

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--Madam Edea

Kitty Cat Snowman!

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 12th, 2010

Ju Ju B, which is my feline friend, is one hella fine kitty cat. He graced the covers of Vogue &Details Magazine. Such a model he is. Umm.... I love cats!

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--Madam Edea

Cover to Cover

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 8th, 2010

I must say this is pure gold!

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-- MadamEdea

How Perfect Is This?

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 7th, 2010

Two Bottles Of Shaving Cream Are Better Than 1 ... hea hea ... Barbasol, The Beard Buster! Such a marvelous shaving cream i might say. Still & yet again with no makeup i still look so Femme. Must be the water in Minnesota, it keeps us so youthful haha. Having no eyebrows throws off my whole face balance. I tend to look like a cancer patient sometimes! Oh well, i love not having eyebrows!

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Reply to My Photo

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 6th, 2010

Filled with amazing gore & nasty images that will disturb you for days, Martyrs is possibly one of my favorites ever! It' so damn good. Love me some crazy french movies. Not too many films are actually scary or freaky as hell. I recommend you go out and watch it! :)

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Possibly My Favorite Movie Ever!?

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 5th, 2010

I look a little ravaged & confused which is what usually happens when i go into bathrooms lol My fingers smell like peppermint candies! haha I'm Queen & the toilet is my throne!

I Just Took A Shit

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - November 2nd, 2010

I was told not to post this picture of LadyStardust1113 but it's too damn cute! I could brush her for hours ... and i mean that in every kind of way! :)

Cat People

Posted by AdamWhelanMusic - October 29th, 2010

This is an odd photo of me after getting really angry and smearing my face. I don't know what was going on with my hair?! who knows haha it was so many colors at one point and time. Twas in the heat of the moment. How come as a man i still look rather Femme?

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